Sunday, August 21, 2011

On Pain

Truth: Pain is the easiest emotion to show AND the hardest to control.

Everyone can see pain etched on faces. You know what makes it even worse? The feeling that once you let it out, you feel like you can’t ever contain it again. You can’t live your life being numb or apathetic. Puh lease. Don’t even pretend you can try live that way. We were given emotions for a reason. They’re the way we can see when we’re truly happy with the places we’ve reached. What good would it do to be apathetic and force yourself not to feel anything for others? There is NO such thing as a heartless person unless you’re a sociopath or a psychopath and friend, I can assure you that if you have no urges to kill anybody and not feel bad afterwards, you are not one of those mentally disturbed.

Don’t force your emotions in. That’s not healthy. I’m not telling you to release everything at one time, duh no way, don’t try the stupid. All you really need is to sort out. Figure yourself out and answer the question people ask you: what’s wrong? You know yourself better than people know you, and vain as we all are, it’s true. It won’t take you too long to know what’s up your butt, and once you actually decide to accept that something is wrong, you’ll officially make some progress from being immature.

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