Thursday, September 08, 2011

A little light painting ;)

Exams are finally OVER and I have been having a blast with this break I have! :D

I have no idea as to what my grades are gonna be but I am hoping they are within the passing range. It's a little much to ask, I know especially since I could have studied a little more if I gave it a try. Fortunately, what's past is past and we're in our FINALS period :)

Alice has just returned with Father from his trip to help out my uncle in Ilo-ilo, while stopping by Bacolod, where he had these cute little strappy island souvenir things made for us :) Mine strangely had both of my names on it, one on the front (the name I use) and one at the back (my middle name). Something tells me dad loves my 2nd name :))

So, with Alice in hand, I decided to be true to my paintswithlight name and "paint with light". Here are some of the random pictures I took ;)

heart's a stereo~ listen close~

"blue blanket"
of music \o/
with pout-y lips in reds and yellows
of internet and headphones
bangles here and there
of nail polish and books :>
"so-asian" elegance
dreaming of yellow pigs and colors
Marion on front, Michelle at the back :)

of colored candied bangles

Joys like these are so rare, especially for the month of September where the Intramurals are fast approaching so I shall enjoy to my heart's content :)


There are days when stress (especially the emotional kind) comes in huge amounts. So what's a girl to do?

Simple: Find the things that make her happy.

In my case, there's:

1.) the camera

It doesn't really even have to be my personal one, as long as it takes pictures that aren't simply taken using the Auto control. Changing the settings to fit usually take up my concentration and time and makes me forget that I'm stressing out :))

meet Alice ;)

back up cam, courtesy of my brother :)

2.) Food

Heck yeah. This will NEVER leave the list of things that make me feel better. Why? Because if food were a person, I'd probably be engaged to it by now. HAHAHA. There are a few girl basic foods that are common in this household namely CHOCOLATES and ICE CREAM. Bring on the calories, take away the stress is what I say! :))

 not my fave ice cream flavor, but I couldn't afford to be picky. Stressed people are never picky about what they eat :))

Oh and that red box at the side? That was actually the box for peanut kisses. I love nuts :">

*I won't be posting any pictures of chocolates because I ate them before I took a picture :(*

3.) <3

Don't really have to share as to why that's a heart there but the people you love? Yeah, they make you feel awesome :">

talk to the caption <3

The guy who is willing to look stupid with me :))

 trying to make a sad face after he made me feel better was harder than I thought :))
some of my college kabarkadas, and sister :D

me and tyna, my college bestie :D

So yes, another long day for me but that's life. college life :)

Tuesday, September 06, 2011

Text na lang pag bored at may gustong kausap :D

Text convo during PSTHE class 1:00-2:30 pm

Just a little info about the class, this is a very BORING subject because although it's relatively easy to understand all the concepts, the teacher keeps interrupting and making the atmosphere annoying. So, most students who haven't fallen asleep resort to texting.

Some send GMs that say:

"Haaaaixt. Kab0ring sa PSTHE uy.

txt? :)"

while some start conversations:


;) wink.




no :*? </3

hahahahaha :* :">

:") boring ang class?

and so on and so forth. HAHAHAHAHA

Yes I'm happy and no, no one can rain on this parade ;)

Sunday, September 04, 2011

Sneak peek :3

Okay, so it's finally September and the move for the Intramurals are officially on the go. Today, the WHOLE day, was dedicated to our photo shoots for the Avant Garde and Trendy wear theme.

Sir Harold took care of the outfits and Sir George(not sure sa spelling teehee) took care of hair and make-up.

Our team's name is the Lab Sci Legions (nerdy name but loving the course :3) and our team colors are YELLOW, BLACK & WHITE. We actually had a bit of a problem yesterday 'cuz while we tried out our outfits, and yes, we had to say we loved the designs, we forgot about the team colors. We nearly went with pinks (me) and blues (kuya jm). Good thing he remembered and we rushed to buy yellow leggings :))

Transform? Dunno. Will be able to find out in the next few weeks ;) Here are a couple of sneak peek pics though so..whatcha think? :D

trendy wear outfit :D

waaaaa, curls, first time :">


Avant Garde hair and make-up >.<
So, I'm not gonna post up any pics with my partner just yet (cuz we only have pics from the Trendy wear hehe) but I did enjoy posing. What's more is people were proud of me so, that's probably a good thing right? :">

Have to work on my walk though >.< haha.

Will update some other time about the photo shoots, cuz I have exams tomorrow! OH JOY! Not. Am a nervous wreck but no choice, will study like crazy tonight I guess :|

Until next time dears ;)

Thursday, September 01, 2011

Surprise ;)

I should have brought a camera today :(

Dear blog, today was *****'s birthday. Guess what I had planned? :)

It wasn't much, since my college sked has always been hectic but I wanted to surprise him with Blueberry Cheesecake and a video :">

So, here's what really happened today.

1.) It's Thursday and I love Thursdays because they are the days he and I have almost the same time schedules, at least from 12-2:30 before he has Chem class.

The problem? I had a make-up class for Chem by 1 :|

2.) I wanted to make him Blueberry Cheesecake.

The problem? No blueberries at the mall, only strawberries and cherries. He doesn't like them as much as blueberries :[

3.) In the video, I wanted to show him something special, other than just a photo collage and a letter.

The problem? I am not talented enough for that kinda work. He's the physical, dancer type. I'm the..girl who likes reading and watching :(

So, with all these factors in mind, HOW DID HIS BIRTHDAY END UP?

1.) I still made the video, and made a complete fool out of myself (but he loved it. His smile never left his face today :">)

2.) I made him strawberry cheesecake instead (and he's biased about what he eats since he claims that whatever I make is delicious, but I think it wasn't too bad. I tried to make the taste work :D)

3.) Because we'd only get to spend 1 hour together, I decided to be the first face he saw today. I woke up earlier than I was supposed to (class starts at 10:30, I was out of the house by 9:00) and surprised him.

And all the effort I made was completely worth it because

WHEN HE SAW VIDEO, it looked like he was enjoying it (so the embarrassment was worth it :">)
Pinagbigyan siya nila Pau so he could be as sweet as he wanted on his birthday
And, best of all, he kept saying "I love you" whenever he saw me.

Ahhhhh, I love surprises :">