Monday, March 05, 2012

Love Stories

As is obvious in a portion of my posts, I am a person who likes to write. I can't quite define myself as someone who's good at it though :))

Lately, I've been feeling a little inspired and whatnot so one night, while bored, I came up with a couple of story plots, and though I am undeniably lazy, I did get to write one part of my plot down.

So here, online, is hopefully a chapter to a number of chapters leading to a story that will express :)

We live a life that is wrought by imperfections, expectations and most of all disappointments. We have seen love at work, and then we see revenge at work. We see two people who are different try to make sense out of why they’re together, and then we see how these two people don’t even give a damn about what makes them different because they know that they are perfect for each other.

They say that these are what truly make our lives complete. They say that all the drama we experience will magically be worth it for that special someone. They say that we spend our lives searching for the meaning of happiness in another person’s arms. They say that we’ll never be able to compare it to anything else. This is what it means to love and be loved in return.

“This is such a load of…crap.” Darren said laughing at the essay he was reading. “How is it that you can keep writing about all this?”

“HEY.” His best friend Lot responded, indignant at the offense he was throwing at her work. They were sitting in their usual cafĂ© taking in life from their own perspectives. Lot was a writer who was trying to get her work published in a local bookstore while studying fine arts. She was the typical girl who involved herself in dramas and love. Then there was Darren, the male best friend that other people called her guy girlfriend. He was also the number one critic of her work.

“But it is! Good Lord, where the hell do you come up with this?” He asked her after his laughing had subsided a bit. She snatched back her papers and stuck her tongue out at him like a child.

“If you must know, I got it from experience!” She said huffing and putting her work in her folder. Darren only raised my eyebrow at her.

“Oh really now?” He asked obviously not buying what she was saying.
“Of course. If you must know, I’m quite experienced in the world of love. I live in it.” She retorted, emphasizing the word live.

“No my dear, you don’t live in a world of love, that’d be an illusion.” He told her still laughing a little. “Should I bring you back to your special place now Lot? I promised the doctor I’d have you back before dark.” He asked solemnly taking her hand in his. He’d said the last statement loud enough that some of the costumers looked at her sympathetically. She looked at him shocked and swatted his hand away. He laughed just a little more before making a grab at Lot’s folder.

“If you’re just going to laugh at it again, I’d appreciate it if you did it somewhere I wouldn’t see you.” She scolded him, sounding hurt by his laughter.

Darren sighed out loud. “Women. They were never going to get your humor unless you spell it out to them.” He stated matter-of-factly. Lot glared at him from her seat.
“Oh come on Lot, I’m just being honest here. You can’t be mad at me. This is how I’ve always been. You know you can’t help me.” Darren gave her a pout and waited for her to look at him while he put up his hands as if he were begging to make a show.

She kept a blank look until her lips give in and curved a little at him.
“That’s my girl.” He said smiling and opened her folder to scan the essay again.
“I really don’t understand why you like writing all these Lot. You're practically lying.” He said with an arrogant smirk on his lips.

Lot could only roll her eyes and snatched the papers from him again. This was such a routine for them that they could already see what would happen next.
“I told you, they’re not lies because they’re true. You’re a biased critic.”
“I haven’t seen it so they can’t be facts, and no I would never make biased statements to spare your feelings, you know me better than that.” He said taking his drink and leaning back on the comfy seat.
“Yeah, spare me my feeling from being completely crushed since all you tell me is that I write like a girl when I AM a girl. And because you’re a masochist, an ass and just simply put a cynic.” Lot replied with a smile that seemed more sarcastic then genuine.

Darren narrowed his eyes at her and then shrugged his shoulders.
“Meh. You’re right. But I am all that and more. If you know what I mean.” He wiggled his brows and smiled back at her equally sarcastic.
Lot let out a loud sigh and shook her head.
“My friend, when are you ever going to learn that love exists?” She wondered despairingly.
“Oh I’m sure it exists somewhere, for your sake. I’m just not sure it exists for happiness or those sappy happy endings.”
“This is getting tiring you know, trying to convince you that it is real.” Lot took up her drink and slunk down in her seat.
“And it’s getting a little tiring to always hear about these stories you write so much about considering you’ve only had two relationships in your whole existence. But I love teasing you about it anyway. It’s part of my special rights as your best friend.”
“At least I’ve had serious relationships Dare. I can’t say the same for you though.” Lot said haughtily and sipped her macchiato.
“I have had relationships Lot. Way before you met me.” Darren said making a face at her. Lot nearly choked on her drink as she tried to keep herself from laughing too hard.
“Yeah. If that’s what you can even call them.” Lot said giving him a disbelieving look. “You’ve had a lot of relationships, oh sure. About 20 or something, but none of them were serious. Remember that saying, the one that says if you have more than 20 relationships in your life, you won’t get married?” She taunted.

Darren chuckled and flung his straw at Lot.
“How is that even done? Have more than 50 relationships and still not believe in love?” She asked looking deep in thought.
“How nice of you to make me sound so attractive by raising my digits Lot," Darren winked at her slightly before continuing. "But that’s precisely why I have so many relationships Lot my dear. To prove that there is no love at all.” Lot rolled her eyes at him. “Women want too much. Men like it simple but women are too demanding all the time.” He argued.

“That’s stupid. Men just want that one thing.”
“Lot, you naughty, naughty girl, ” Darren said feigning shock at his best friend.  “Who taught you the three lettered word?”
“Three lettered word? What are you--? Oh. HEY. No, EW! That’s not what I meant! Sheesh!” Lot turned scarlet at the scandalized statement he was making.
“What? I didn’t say anything. You assume too much my dear, it’s not good for you.” Darren chuckled as he stuck his tongue out at Lot and ignored the rest of the people.
“Oh shut up and stop playing innocent. Men only want one thing and that’s an easy life.”
“Wow.” Darren’s face went serious and hurt. “Is that how you think of me Lot? That I want it easy..?”

Lot stared at him blankly before chucking her straw at his face and gave a laugh when it hit him.
“Hey! You ruined my moment.” Darren said taking the napkin to wipe his face and grinned at her.
“Don’t try lying to me you jerk. I’ve known you for years. I know how dark your soul is.”
“It’s not as dark as you think Lot, probably a murky brown is all.” He said smiling.
“Oh honestly. I don’t know what to do with you. How is it possible that we’re best friends?” She giggled as she spoke.
“I’ve been asking myself the same question for years.” He said sighing gravely and putting on a sad face. Lot stopped giggling and gave him an annoyed look.

“But,” Lot began for him. Darren closed his eyes and pretended to pray before speaking.
“But it’s been the best decision of my life Lot, ole buddy ole pal of mine.” He amended giving his best smile.
“That’s right. It has been the best decision of your life. Though I can’t quite say the same goes for me.” Lot said taking a long sip of her drink.
“Okay, now that hurt. And that was unfair.” Darren said throwing a napkin at her. Lot only smiled and they went to bicker about their requirements.

This was the way things were between them. Lot would show her work and Darren would make fun of it. Then they’d banter about why they were friends in the first place, and then they’d move on to talk about how suck-y the weather was, how mean their professors were and sometimes their futures. Just about anything really. They hardly even tried to show only their best qualities around each other anymore.

This was the life of best friends. They’d met each other almost two years ago in their first year in college and they’d only been known as acquaintances. Then they became classmates in a certain subject and found mutual dislike in it so much, they talked a lot more about other things than pay attention in class.

Lot liked to write about love stories when she had the time. Darren had found out when one of her works fell from her bag and he picked it up. And every time Lot had something to write, Darren would find it, read it and then make fun of it. And Lot would let him, for a little while before telling him again and again that he’d meet the right girl to make him feel what she wrote about. He’d scoff this off and make fun of her some more.
He used to tell her that the right girl probably lived in another world. And then she’d tell him that he’d probably already met her.

Well, destiny said that Lot was right.

Sooooooo.. What do you think? :)