Sunday, August 21, 2011

For Him :">

Once there was a boy,
A not so ordinary boy.
Who could be a tease,
And did whatever he pleased.

Then he met this girl,
A very ordinary girl.
Who thought this boy wrong
But she had feelings for all along.

Only they never did talk
Because the people would mock
The girl whose name
with this boy was nearly same

Somehow they became friends
And you’d think that’s how it ends
I don’t know how it became so
But their feelings did grow

And they both wanted to be more
To have the something they waited for

So the boy took his time
Which the girl thought a crime
For making her wait so long
When she wasn’t even that strong

But he finally confessed
And as you might have guessed
That girl was me
Back when there was no “we”
The boy is now mine
And he will be for all time <3

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