Thursday, August 25, 2011


I thought it was okay, so I took the risk. Who knew it meant feeling like this? Feeling like you're invisible and being looked at like you're the worst person alive. Not even talking things out because you don't even know what to say or the things you might say could bring out even more hate. Yes, that's the feeling that's being directed towards me, HATE. Feeling like crying most of the time I'm at home. Oh the tears I will spend for days if this goes on...

I didn't lose anybody or anything physically, but why does it feel like I don't even have a place where I'm supposed to call home? Why do I feel like I don't deserve the things I got and that maybe I should give up? Is this even fair on my part, when I already feel low enough as it is? When it seems like I just lost someone who was on my side for so long, only to find that selfish ambition on my part would be the cause of the ruin of our relationship? I didn't think that such a bond would have been torn apart so easily when the words of the heart were finally out in the open. Whatever happened to honesty? What's more is whatever happened to love? :(

What am I going to do?

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