Monday, August 22, 2011

A Dad's Letter to His Daughter's Boyfriend

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Dads are awesome to have around. The first best friend, boyfriend and the BEST man who will ever be in a girl's life :) So, to the father who is conservative, caring, careful, loving, kinda awkward, stoic (at times), but is the man who wants to give me the best in life, the one who wants me to be nothing but happy, I love you Papa :D

Dad and Me :)

Naka-barong. Ohhh. One day iba na rin ba ang suot ko? XD


You may find this surprising to get this from someone like me. I'd like to think that not all fathers would have the nerve or the time to write letters to young cheeky men such as yourself in love with their daughters but because I love my girl so much, I'd want to make things clear to you on how much she really means to me, for you to be extra careful around her and of course, around ME.

So here we go...

You may have first noticed my girl by the way she looks. To me she is and will always be the most beautiful princess in the world. I saw how her lovely brown eyes sparkled the first time I saw her in her mother's arms the day she was born in the hospital. I was the first man who held her, who first heard her speak, the first to see her walk and run, etc. I do believe I gave her the best, so it's no surprise I'm expecting the same of you, young man.

Liking for her for her face or body is superficial, and hey, that's initially normal. What I want to see from you is that you are really interested in my daughter with those beyond the exterior. Like, I mean, LOVE her for the right things, if you really do mean it when you say you love my girl. Do know that my she's also smarter than she looks. She may be using ways to test your love and dedication to her. Don't blame her for that; I made her get into the sport of testing you every now and then.

I don't exactly know you that well except from the things my girl tells me about you or from what her friends say. You may have had relationships with other girls before you met mine. Tell me, are you the kind of man that she deserves? Are you really with her not to play around, as you may have done in your past? How did you treat your former girlfriends? Most importantly, tell me how you treat your mother and sisters (if you have) at home? Make me feel that I can truly trust you in holding my daughter's heart. The last thing a father would want to hear is that some poor excuse of man broke my girl's heart, or worse, her trust. There are things a father is willing to do for his girl, which would include punching you infront of a crowd if necessary. Be honest if you've been fooling around. I don't want to hear that you're carrying some disease that you could transmit to any girl, not just MY girl.

Maturity has many aspects. I would expect you to be mature mentally, emotionally, spiriitually and economically.
Let's leave out the first two.I want to talk first about economic maturity. It would be expected that you still have the benefit of a daily,weekly or monthly allowance from your parents and that you'd get your date money from there. That just doesn't impress me. You may or may not be my daughter's future husband but I want you to know and SHOW me that you have what it takes to make a living. I enjoy the fact that you spend mostly for my girl, but I do hope it's not for show. I am an ardent believer in a man's role to provide for his family.

Don't get me wrong. We both know that as men of the Christian faith,God can and will provide for our needs. Remember always young man, that this does not give us the excuse to be lazy and unmindful of the practical things in life, especially in supporting a family. Do you have the slightest idea on how difficult it is to be head of a home? Think of all the water, telephone, and electric bills to pay? Not to forget the weekly groceries, and the need for at least three meals a day. Did I mention being able to have a hole-free roof and a car to go to work and to fetch my girl from school? Tell me if you can still afford to be lazy all your life, dependent on family and friends like a parasite. Prayer and work go side by side, as the Benedictines say.

This is all for now. 
I want you to be someone a father can depend on. Show my girl that you do care and that you respect her with all your heart.

Be a MAN.

One day, I bet all guys would want to write a letter to their daughter's boyfriend. It's a guy's natural instinct to look out for his precious little girl and I'm proud to say I will most likely forever be a Daddy's girl and even if I have a boyfriend, Papa will never stop having the first place. Sorry Mine :">

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