Sunday, October 02, 2011


The intrams experience was one I know I don't regret, but it's kind of troubling when people keep trying to stab you in the back and trying to bring you down with smiles on their faces.

I just don't understand how people from the same kind of place have to put up such tall walls of pride for a school event that was supposed to be a junction for shattering animosities and defying impossibilities. There are now innocent people involved in a war they had no idea they were participating in. It's even sadder that no one is willing to let things be. That more fuel had to be added to a fire and proving that although we are of college ages, there are still those who act like immature brats in the midst of bitterness.

The stress I experienced almost feels like it'll continue until the end of the semester and I'll probably bring it to the end of my years at the school. Whatever happened to being a wallflower, destroyed by the involvement during the intramurals :( Not only am I not allowed to move the way I freely did before, I'm actually afraid to walk around the school alone :(