Wednesday, August 24, 2011

My HS girls

To the girls who have put up with me through my worst, and best. The girls who always want to be in my business and who can make me cry and laugh at the same time.

I love you not because we’ve been through more than a little craziness in the past years.

I love you not because you point out when I act like a goof but still choose to stick with me.

I love you not because you see me as the person I still am even when I’m a mess and in tears.

I love you not because you tolerate and even ride along when it seems I could be a little crazy.

It’s not that easy to explain,

Why it’s always easier with you around.

It's just that even

The simplest words that come from your mouth

Could make my day a lot better.


I’ll hope you’ll still let me stay nearby, to be that shoulder you can lean on.

I’ll hope we won’t lose touch with each other after everything that we’ve been through.

I’ll hope you understand that I don’t ever want to lose your friendship and the comfort you give

But because I really do love you,

I’ll let you go when you want me to; just don’t think I won’t hope you'll come back or ever miss you.

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