Sunday, August 21, 2011

Love Letter :3

*Mine, if you ever read this, I hope you know that I posted your letter online for the times I can't bring it around with me and if I ever (heaven forbid) misplace the original*

Could you imagine getting a letter from a 17 year old guy that goes like this?:

                How does one exist for long without you? I feel a concavity of the chest, as if I am hollowing out. But there is a longing in my core which gives rise to beautiful sonnets which grow from my mouth like a garland of flowers. I pluck them to tie in a bundle for you, to leave them by your door, hoping one day you’ll realize I’m worth you love.

                There are times when you’re next to me; I can’t compare that happiness to anything else. I can’t express what you are to me. If I can hold your hand, I’ll never let you go. Who knows? The two of us might be destiny.

                There ain’t nobody can do the same things that you do to me, so true! I’m so excited, delighted, I won’t deny it nor fight it. You got what I need, got me jumpin’ and jumpin’ off my feet. There’s no playing, and delaying. Always got me feeling that healing everyday I’m smiling and wilding when I think about you. Got me flying so high and won’t stop bringing and bringing happiness to you.

                Day by day passes and we’ve grown to look more like each other. I keep falling for you. Just like a scene from a movie and like those cool characters, I’ll give my life to you. I’ll always give you my smile more than anyone else. I’ll make you the happiest person in the entire world. I’ll start every day by thinking of you. My smile stays still all the time I look at you. At the end of a tiring day, I’ll always stay by your side. I feel thankful every day and you become my power. I promise to stay by your side, I won’t change. Even if time passes, I’ll protect you.

                The sprinklings of you that fill my heart, give me hope. When the night becomes engulfed by moonlight, will this waiting end? Wishing for a miracle, I want to touch your heart but I cannot speak. Like starlight hidden behind frozen clouds.

                There are 3 words that always lie of my tongue. These 3 words, I want to say to you every time I’m with you. Do you remember every time I want to tell you something but I just can’t? It’s because I’m waiting for the right time and the perfect moment to say these 3 words to you. Now, right in front of you reading this letter is the perfect moment to tell you “I love you”

If guys still wrote love letters like these nowadays, I think LOVE wouldn't be such an easy word to throw around :"> If this boy gave me a letter for every month, I think I'd be able to die of happiness :3

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