Saturday, December 31, 2011

Christmas Break

Boredom a given when you spend your entire break at home with nothing but the internet, the bed and the fridge as your friends.
Because the first New Year is coming :D

Boredom also takes a part of this too :))

Apples, covered in condensada. I'm a sugar addict :">

Some cookies from Korea from a churchmate :)

And chips. Delish <3

Before the year ends, I'd like to update once more for the year :) Not just because I've been busy with school and stuff, but because so far, my semestral break has been pretty mellow. And by mellow, I mean a little boring. All I feel is that I'm missing people, a certain someone mostly and I can't wait for school to start because that'd mean getting to see human beings. After all, in all my current photos, no other people are involved :))

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

See You Soon :')

Sembreak na ngayon and most people go home.

That includes him.

What could I do about it?

The thought of him going home makes me smile but knowing he has to leave me here doesn't. In fact it takes a lot of strength for me not to cry. Even more not to tell him what's wrong with me.

Our Christmas break began on the 21st. After our Prelim exams. I asked him when he'd be going home and he said on the 23rd probably. What would he be doing the next 2 days?

The crazy boy told me the extra days were for me.

We spent the next day, the 22nd together, buying gifts for his family members.

him: mine, kailangan ko palang umuwi ngayong gabi. Pag6:30
me: oh, okay. *inside </3*

while buying gifts, I couldn't keep my mind off his statement. It just kept making me sad :( And eventually, no matter how hard I tried to keep the tears at bay, they fell.

After shopping for the gifts, I told him he had to go home and pack up his things. By 3:45, he had a couple of hours to prepare.

him: tulungan mo na lang ako prepare ng gamit ko.

and wordlessly, I took his hand and went with him. I knew it was going to be a chance for me to cry it out..

him: sama ka sakin. Please.

those words made my heart hurt so much, I didn't bother hiding the tears even though I knew it'd hurt him to see me cry too..

when we were finally alone, I cried my heart out. Soon, he cried a little along with me.

I helped him pack and gave him lots of hugs.

him: babalik naman ako soon. Wag mong kalimutan na laging nasa puso mo lang ako.

when he asked if I wanted to take anything home with me, the first thing that popped into my head was: you. And then I decided to ask for the shirt he was wearing.

That night, I wore that shirt and hugged Thirdy *his monthsary gift last last month* and tried not to cry as much.

Monday, December 26, 2011

Christmas Party with Friends

ang nagdidiet :))

Christmas party with my Hormones fam nung December 21st, right after our last exams for the Prelims <3

Call time was 11:30 at Abreeza, but people actually came by 12:30 so I had lunch ahead *didn't wake up early enough to have breakfast again :">*

The meet up place was at HUKAD, strange that people keep complimenting it being known as the Cebu place and I'm like.. okay. HAHAHA

After lunch and a lot of noise, we went to New Jersy to get a couple of group shots. By far, this is one of the best Christmas parties I've ever had with friends :">

Monday, December 05, 2011

The Guys in My Life :)

Having my first and only boyfriend makes him the butt of most jokes my male family members have. Or maybe they aren't jokes? I don't know what to call them really.. but they aren't that bad. I just can't be too sure how to describe them to him haha.

dad and uncle haha

cousins (kuya jun *5 yrs older than me* and kuya jan *2/3 yrs older*)

younger brother, cousin (he's about 8 yrs or more older than me), younger cousin
(younger brother's age)

dad making a funny face XD

my cousins look so gangstah. hahahaha

bad boys. HAHA. seriously :| but they <3 me teehee

Not all of them, that's for sure but take my dad for example. *with translations* haha

*these all happened today :|*

papa: what are you going to be doing 5 years from now?
me: I dunno yet.
papa: maminyo na mo ni ***** ana? (will you be marrying him by then?)
me: o.o can't we wait till we're stable before that?
(papa laughs)

while at the kitchen
kuya jun: musta naman mo ni ***** day? naga away mo? (how are you and your boyfriend? Do you guys argue?)
me: wala uy. But-an man kaayo to. Ako man ang maldita. haha (No, he's too nice. I'm the mean one. Haha.)
papa: dili seloso, dili maldito. AH. Asa ka ana?? (Not the jealous type, not the bad boy type, where can you find that?? *shocked kind of voice*)
kuya jun: mayo na day, kay gi ingnan baya na nako, kung pahilakon na nimo akong ig-agaw, NAH. (That's good, because I've already warned him about hurting you or making you cry)
me: -_- but-an lagi to kuya uy. Naa gud koy dugo ni papa ug mama, ako gyud ang maldita. HAHA (I'm telling you, he's really nice. I've got papa as my dad and mama as my mom, I'm sure I'm the mean one. HAHA)

Le sigh. And this isn't the only instance in my life where my family gets all real about my boyfriend >.< I guess it's okay, as long as they're trying to get used to the idea :)

Thursday, December 01, 2011

Awake o.o

This is a blog right? Well, in my terms, a blog is more than just a bunch of events that have happened, it's also part diary. I know I must be crazy to have my thoughts so out in the open like this, but at times I can't help it. I'm such a strange kind of girl :))

What am I going to talk about tonight? Sleeplessness.

One simple thing to remember, the mind is a dangerous tool.

It's not that I have a case of insomnia, I LOVE sleep. It's just that before bed is usually the most relaxing time of one's day that one can't help but contemplate a lot of things.

For a person like me, it simply says these: How I want to take more pictures that have depth, how I want to have less edits in my photos, How I should be managing my time and more often than not, how I'm going to get through the next day.

The weird thing is that we all have this assumption that tomorrow is a given, when it's not.

Right now, recalling these words over and over I'm beginning to question a lot of things. Doubt has began to plant itself and I'm not so sure what to do about it..

Then the what if's come to mind.

What if I was more of the loner type of person, would that let me feel less than the moment? Would it stop some thoughts from entering my mind? Would it stop the nonsense I tend to put into print for the world to see? Am I too happy or not happy enough..?

Questions that...won't have much to do with me when I wake up later but for now, I'm just better off labeled as confused. :|