Monday, January 30, 2012

Wedding Dreams

Just a few days ago, I attended the wedding of my cousin(?) who's been with the same guy for over 3 years I think. They met at work in Dubai and after a long time of waiting I suppose, finally decided to get hitched.

The best parts about their wedding wasn't that it was grand with the whole church filled for them, it was that moment when the groom was walking down the aisle, he had tears ready in his eyes. When the bride finally came, he let them loose. No joke, this was the SWEETEST thing I'd ever seen :">

the bride is on her way

With this said, I wonder how my own will be? I can't say I haven't thought about who the groom could be or when it'll happen, all I'm hoping for is for the day when I can be whole too :">

~all pictures were taken by moi. Leave a comment if you like, tell me anything :D

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