Friday, January 27, 2012

Just A Little Bored and Vain

I got a little bored, and really when I'm bored, it's like the only other things I do are bake, eat, sleep or take pictures. Unfortunately I don't have much of a model to take pictures of and if you've noticed in my pictures, I'm not exactly the best kind of model either. But I had fun. And I may look like a fool so excuse my stupidity :))

Why I dressed up is a different story. I kinda had a hard time looking for something to wear but I liked this outfit :)

nag-eemote lang teh? :)

THIS is more like me XD

Hello Chubby self :))

My arms and their flab :)))

But yeah, I decided wearing shorts tomorrow won't be such a good idea at a church :)) Soooooo, I'm gonna be wearing a skirt tomorrow :( The sad face is because I might have to go to class wearing the clothes I'm gonna be wearing at the wedding :| Gah. Btw, the wedding theme is lime green and royal blue so.. I'm thinking the top in the pics, yellow flats and a royal blue skirt with little embroidery accents of yellow :)

Leave me a comment if you want ;) Thanks for the views, God bless! :D

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