Saturday, February 04, 2012

Mom and Dad So Far

my first photo, used an slr camera since DSLRs weren't invented yet :))

My dad.

My mom always told me that he's the sweet kind of guy. At times, when I just look at him, I find it hard to believe. But sometimes, I think I can see why.

He's the man who started me on my little photography hobby, that he's trying to keep me in by not only providing for the equipment but also giving me time and opportunities to learn more.

I was 5 when I took my first photo. And it was of my parents. Just a few nights ago, my dad was reminiscing and he said words that made my heart feel proud to be his daughter.

"I want you to be able to take pictures of me and your mama as we grow old together."

It almost doesn't matter that he's mostly so serious, because there are times when he's being photographed when he smiles and you can tell he's happy where he is :">

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