Saturday, February 11, 2012


I'm up late. And I have exams later *the last day really* but I have yet to study my lessons. Why? Why am I being a careless student?

For one, my last exams need reading and analysis. Something I'm not going to get out of just looking at my notes or papers.

And two, because I found a site that enables me to post up my pictures with as big a file as I want. In fact, as big as the screen resolution.

What is this site?

It's called Jux.

You can check out my photos here for either better resolution or just a wider screen! It's amazing and I've fallen in love with it! :)

Of course I'm not going to take down my photoblog here at blogger but I am going to link both of my photoblogs :)

Here are my link for JUX
and of course, my first photoportfolio

and hey, if it interests you too, go make your own for free! :D

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