Saturday, November 05, 2011

My Bucket List :>

So there are things that I haven't done, things that I have done and things that I'd never expect to do in my life.

Some of the things I've written are just a couple of the thoughts I had when I was younger. I don't know just how many of them I'm able to do or will be able to do in the future but here's to my very own bucketlist :D

1. To have a sunny breakfast meal at McDonald's in my pyjamas
2. To travel out of the country (Italy, Rome, Greece, London, New York, Sydney, HongKong, Singapore..etc)
3. To learn how to drive
4. To finish the entire Bible, no skipping any books or chapters
5. To enter a bar (kay ignooo man kaayo)
6. To cry in the rain (char)
7. To have a friend who has a tattoo (relatives not included haha)
8. To train my own pet
9. To own either a Siberian Husky or a toy poodle :))
10. To go to a sleep over :>
11. To actually not SLEEP at a sleep over
12. To read a book for the entire day without disruptions
13. To find a library/cafe
14. To work an OVEN oven, not the electrical kind
15. To have a photography portfolio
16. To have an SLR camera (the old days :">)
17. To actually take good shots with an SLR camera
18. To have a lot of bubble wrap to pop
19. To have dinner with friends for fun
20. To sing like I'm drunk
21. To know what alcohol tastes like, why people like it so much and then how to cure a hangover
22. To travel anywhere with the fam :)
23. To travel alone anywhere >.
24. To learn how to swim
25. To learn how to ride the bicycle
26. To learn how to do a split :))
27. To cook a complete meal on my own
28. To cook a meal for others
29. To go jogging in the morning (because I can't wake up at the right times XD)
30. To have my own garden
31. To have a house with a HUGE garden
32. To have a swingset
33. To experience the Fall season
34. To dance like I don't care :))
35. To go on an all day laag trip :D
36. To go on a roadtrip with friends
37. To finish writing something that could be made into a book :D
38. To psychoanalyze a friend :))
39. To help a friend :)
40. To keep a diary
41. To have a travel journal
42. To have a journal
43. To eat sweets for a day
44. To share part of the Gospel :D
45. To jump off a waterfall
46. To bungee jump and not back out :))
47. To cry and mope around for a whole day
48. To have my own family
49. To marry the man I love
50. To have a boyfriend XD
51. To go on a lot of dates with said boyfriend. At the parks, at restaurants (even the not expensive ones)
52. To go to a fastfood joint and have a midnight snack
53. To befriend my enemies
54. To go to the mall in my pyjamas
55. To have a watergun fight with friends
56. To play in the rain with friends
57. To master a different language
58. To learn self defense
59. To have 18 chocolates :))
60. To just have a baking spree
61. To watch a movie in the garden (projector mode? :)))
62. To have a wacky family picture
63. To go karaoke with friends
64. To go to night bazaar
65. To sleep in a hotel in the city I live in
66. To dress in an anime outfit :3
67. To travel to places within the country (other than Cebu and Davao :D)
68. To have a photoshoot
69. To be a photographer of a photoshoot
70. To learn how to put on make-up
71. To own 5 inched heels
72. To own a DSLR camera
73. To wear something I made myself
74. To be a princess (at least feel like one for a day)
75. To have "kuyas" as kabarkadas
76. To have a lot of friends :)
77. To...

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