Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Any Day Valentine

This was taken during a wedding ceremony we were invited to :)

Parents. Being Asian, I have my very own traditional-ish parents.

The one in the spotlight today, would have to be daddy dear :)

My dad's the kind of man with a bit of a scary expression on his face even though he can be quite funny if he wants to be :)

The reason why I'm posting this? Well..to remind people that parents are strange beings. Why you may ask?

Because I had a convo with my parents during dinner a few hours ago asking if I could go to a friend's birthday party at the end of this week. My dad went into this walking around, thinking about the answer to this when for some reason my mom said that this was the birthday party of my best friend. The celebrant isn't my best friend, so to speak but we are very close friends.

When my mom said this, my dad commented about how the celebrant wasn't my best friend because she didn't approve of my boyfriend (o.o but it doesn't stop there.) he further said that the celebrant was rooting for someone else. AND THEN my mom says something like, how does your papa know about that issue?

What's completely insane is that it was like they BOTH knew. SO woah. Parents. I couldn't look them in the eye and I ran, literally for dear life to the kitchen and opened the refrigerator. Escape for a bit, and tried to calm myself even tho my head was exploding with questions like: HOW THE HECK DO THEY KNOW THAT??? O.O

HAHAHAHA. Anyways, that's not the only reason I'm posting this up. Because my dad said yes in the end, he's not only the best tho sneakiest dad I have the pleasure of having, he's also the dad who doesn't believe I need shoes, clothes or bags as a girl. Instead, he buys gadgets that for who knows why he thinks would make a girl overjoyed :)) But I guess that's where my love for photography comes in hehe :">

I got some personality stuff from my mom, but I'm going to have to say I got her looks and the passion for experimenting in the kitchen. My first teacher, and the only person who still calls me Dai2 (childish nickname) and calls me in a baby voice like I'm two. It's not a problem when it's from her hehe :)

AND, my dad, no matter how dorky he is at times has always been my favorite Valentine :) Any time, any where, pag meron, binibigyan talaga ako ng chocolates <3 Oh mama and papa, I <3 you! :*

one of the chocolates my dad bought for me when I asked for it haha.
May chocolates of the month kasi yan sya, ito lang hingi ko :))

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