Thursday, November 24, 2011

Good food, Good company ;)

So I've been into making this blog a diary of sorts and it's undeniable now that I am a romantic at heart. I believe that being cheesy is a good thing when you have someone to share it with and I believe that there is somebody for everybody.

It's been 6 months! :D

What will this entry be about? Well.. Its kind of personal now, since I have made this a habit at least a couple of times a week but my week from last has been full of happenings. Like what you may ask?

Like celebrating birthdays, a death anniversary and a monthsary for starters.

Monthsaries are those monthly things (hence the *month* part haha) in relationships. I spend it with my guyfriend having lunch, or dinner and watching a movie or two. Mostly, it's just me and him talking and being all thankful about everything that's happened. It gives us both an opportunity to catch up with the things that have been happening around us, and for me, it's a way to keep me grounded :)

For the month of November tho, I've had quite a busy schedule for our day. I had a lunch date and a dinner date with a close friend who was celebrating her birthday tho I already gave her a gift on her day exactly. So where does this leave me with time for him?

some of my loves :D

hehe Pau :D

His solution: have me tag along during his family's celebration of his great grandmother's death anniversary.

with his Mother's side of the family at his Great Grandma's site :)


And then I spent the night with highschool friends partying like a dork :)) No, we didn't really have to party, we went and had karaoke :))

out at World Palace, Davao

My dorky friend :))

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