Tuesday, November 01, 2011


A friend is that person who
would tell you the most random of things,
would bare their deepest secrets to you,
would make you laugh at all the stupid moments,
would make you smile with their silly(and notsofunny) jokes,
would make you feel like you were the most loved person in the world with their hugs,
would cry for you, when you're happy and they're sad,
and would be waiting for you no matter the distance or the years away.


  1. thank you mar.. i miss you so much. uhmmm i dye my hair again. haha dark brown. hope it turns out okay cuz i just dye it like hmm 30 minutes ago. I want to confirm it turn out the way i wanted to but i need sunlight to do it. so im just going to wait till tomorrow. im doing okay:)) visited the county hospital today and im so amaze because the environment reminds me of grey's anatomy. Im so excited! imma wants to work there! went job hunting with mommmy as well. anyway hmm .. me and mommy are really busy preparing for my bday. Dad's probably coming back here in the UK. i think he is worried leaving his only daughter alone in a very hmm cold place? ( i think he's worried cuz i party a lot HAHA) he hates it when im drunk cuz i talk too much. were celebrating bonfire festival on the 5th of november (tomorrow) fireworks! yay! imma update you again some other time. mwah . love you <3

  2. Ohhh, can't wait to see how you look all made up with the hair color dear :D I was planning on buying instant highlights and having blue/violet streaks in my own hair lately. Will make it happen soon I hope and I shall show you the picture :)) I hope you don't mean ALL parts of Grey's and more like just the medical rush all around if you know what I mean *wink* hahaha. I bet he's worried love, even I'm worrying about you. Haha. How often have you been partying lately hmm?? :P Hey, a bonfire festival, sounds rustic :D Take pictures please? :) Love you too! and hoping to hear from you soon! :*