Thursday, September 08, 2011


There are days when stress (especially the emotional kind) comes in huge amounts. So what's a girl to do?

Simple: Find the things that make her happy.

In my case, there's:

1.) the camera

It doesn't really even have to be my personal one, as long as it takes pictures that aren't simply taken using the Auto control. Changing the settings to fit usually take up my concentration and time and makes me forget that I'm stressing out :))

meet Alice ;)

back up cam, courtesy of my brother :)

2.) Food

Heck yeah. This will NEVER leave the list of things that make me feel better. Why? Because if food were a person, I'd probably be engaged to it by now. HAHAHA. There are a few girl basic foods that are common in this household namely CHOCOLATES and ICE CREAM. Bring on the calories, take away the stress is what I say! :))

 not my fave ice cream flavor, but I couldn't afford to be picky. Stressed people are never picky about what they eat :))

Oh and that red box at the side? That was actually the box for peanut kisses. I love nuts :">

*I won't be posting any pictures of chocolates because I ate them before I took a picture :(*

3.) <3

Don't really have to share as to why that's a heart there but the people you love? Yeah, they make you feel awesome :">

talk to the caption <3

The guy who is willing to look stupid with me :))

 trying to make a sad face after he made me feel better was harder than I thought :))
some of my college kabarkadas, and sister :D

me and tyna, my college bestie :D

So yes, another long day for me but that's life. college life :)

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