Sunday, September 04, 2011

Sneak peek :3

Okay, so it's finally September and the move for the Intramurals are officially on the go. Today, the WHOLE day, was dedicated to our photo shoots for the Avant Garde and Trendy wear theme.

Sir Harold took care of the outfits and Sir George(not sure sa spelling teehee) took care of hair and make-up.

Our team's name is the Lab Sci Legions (nerdy name but loving the course :3) and our team colors are YELLOW, BLACK & WHITE. We actually had a bit of a problem yesterday 'cuz while we tried out our outfits, and yes, we had to say we loved the designs, we forgot about the team colors. We nearly went with pinks (me) and blues (kuya jm). Good thing he remembered and we rushed to buy yellow leggings :))

Transform? Dunno. Will be able to find out in the next few weeks ;) Here are a couple of sneak peek pics though so..whatcha think? :D

trendy wear outfit :D

waaaaa, curls, first time :">


Avant Garde hair and make-up >.<
So, I'm not gonna post up any pics with my partner just yet (cuz we only have pics from the Trendy wear hehe) but I did enjoy posing. What's more is people were proud of me so, that's probably a good thing right? :">

Have to work on my walk though >.< haha.

Will update some other time about the photo shoots, cuz I have exams tomorrow! OH JOY! Not. Am a nervous wreck but no choice, will study like crazy tonight I guess :|

Until next time dears ;)

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