Thursday, September 08, 2011

A little light painting ;)

Exams are finally OVER and I have been having a blast with this break I have! :D

I have no idea as to what my grades are gonna be but I am hoping they are within the passing range. It's a little much to ask, I know especially since I could have studied a little more if I gave it a try. Fortunately, what's past is past and we're in our FINALS period :)

Alice has just returned with Father from his trip to help out my uncle in Ilo-ilo, while stopping by Bacolod, where he had these cute little strappy island souvenir things made for us :) Mine strangely had both of my names on it, one on the front (the name I use) and one at the back (my middle name). Something tells me dad loves my 2nd name :))

So, with Alice in hand, I decided to be true to my paintswithlight name and "paint with light". Here are some of the random pictures I took ;)

heart's a stereo~ listen close~

"blue blanket"
of music \o/
with pout-y lips in reds and yellows
of internet and headphones
bangles here and there
of nail polish and books :>
"so-asian" elegance
dreaming of yellow pigs and colors
Marion on front, Michelle at the back :)

of colored candied bangles

Joys like these are so rare, especially for the month of September where the Intramurals are fast approaching so I shall enjoy to my heart's content :)


  1. Your pink nail polish looks super cute. :)

    The Cat Hag

  2. Thanks Addie, it's the glittery kind :))